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Kidsity's Brand Story 

Kidsity is a university dedicated to educating, inspiring, and entertaining kids. To build a generation that is confident and brave that is able to overpower obstacles

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Unlock kids’ potential through inspiration.

We aim to increase awareness of STEAM concepts and principles


Our mission is to allow kids to share and explore various fields of STEAM in an enjoyable environment

Meet our Team 

Meet the Faces that Make Kidsity the Best Space for Your Kids


Saif Al Manji


Saif has intensive experience providing business consultancy, combined with startup and entrepreneurial background.


Nasser Al Rahbi


Nasser is an excellent communicator with leadership and problem-solving skills. He has a profound level of experience in the startup domain. 

Raiya Al Hashmi


An engineer who has a great background in finance and business  analysis. She has been a part of Kidsity's team since 2015.  

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Group Consultant

Engineer and technical auditor who worked in real estate development, the oil & gas sector, as well as the startup domain. Al Azhar takes personal interest in finance and related legislation.

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Hanaan Al Kalbani

Process engineer with a cumulative experience in both the oil and educational sectors. Hanan took special interest in enhanced oil recovery methods implemented in the field.

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Shahad Al Balushi

Media Manager

Communication and marketing specialist who excels in visual content creation and social media strategies.

Al Azhar Al Maawali

Quality Assurance Manager

Afnan Al Tobi


Well accomplished process engineer with practical experience in plant management and analysis. Afnan is known to have phenomenal leadership and project management skills.

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Sara Al Raisi


Process engineer, awarded for academic excellence, who has been involved in industry based technical drawing and documentation. Sara has actively organized and supported in several national level educational programs.


Al Hashmi


A process engineer with a great amount of experience in practical work. Sumayia can work under stress and has leadership skills

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Wijdan Al Rujaibi


Wijdan is a quantity surveyor engineer who worked in bodies. She has an experience in teaching children and has personal interest in PMP.

Muzna Al Kindi


Applied geoscientist, recognized for academic excellence. Muzna has amazing skills in attention to details and work under stress.


Amal Al Rawahi


Applied geoscientist specialized in hydrogeology. Amal has great creativity and communication skills.

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Sara Al Wahaibi


An enthusiastic third year chemical engineering student at RMIT university, Melbourne, Australia. Sarah’s first passion is to deliver chemistry experiments in a fun way to kids. She is also a social media photographer. 

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Ghadeer Al Khaifi

Finance Manager

Administrative financial professional with previous experience as an auditor with the big 4 and AP accountant in oil and gas sector.

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