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'' In our religion, there is tolerance, morality and openness, and the venerable Quran stands for knowledge and thought. These verses do not call for sitting idly, unthinking, or to go through life blindly. It has never been, at any time, against inquiry or the seeking of knowledge."

- Sultan Qaboos -



Biochemistry or Biophysics

Environmental Sciences/ Hydrology/Geoscience

Computer Science

 Industrial Design

 Information Design 

Artificial Intelligence 



Electrical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Civil Engineering 

Process Engineering 

Applied Mathematics 

Data Science 


Inspiring Since 2015

We have proudly completed around 20,000 workshops to more than 400,000 students and have inspired 300 schools across the Sultanate of Oman.

Here are some pictures of the great moments shared with our partners and students.



Mall of Oman, Muscat

AlMouj, Muscat

Tel: 22553433

Phone: 94051495

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